Boring food packaging

The designers who create your food packaging designs have high times and low. Like the famous “writers block” designers also get flat and struggle to create solid design for your food product. There’s something in all of us that burns bright when we’re on a roll. This creative energy manifests itself as beautiful design which not only looks great but sells well.

Let’s run a quick case study here because it’s important to understand that all designers have the capacity to suck from time to time. If you are hiring a solo designer, then you can only hope that this individual is on a creative upswing because if you catch them when they are flat, your food packaging is going to reflect that.

The best thing you can do to avoid this altogether is to hire a studio to design your food packaging. Studio tend to have multiple designers on staff and if one designer is weak then the others step in and ensure that your food packaging design is appropriate and professional. Before you hire a studio be sure to view their portfolio, get a price and confirm how many designers they have on staff that will actually be working on your project. From there you will be better informed about which studio to hire for the design of your food packaging.

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