How to Choose a Food Packaging Designer

Just like food itself, food packaging designers come in all kinds of flavors. Some great, some good and some just downright bad. So how do you know which studio to choose for your packaging design? This is an important question to ask because out there on the shelves, your food product will clock massive sales or sink into obscurity based on the merits of it’s packaging.

Naturally, we’re biased and we’d say just choose us; we’re professional food packaging designers with a proven track record of success. That wouldn’t be fair though, so here’s what we’d do. Consider these sure fire tips you can use to measure up any food packaging designers.

Consideration 1: Design Project Pricing

Most of you will be entering into your packaging design project with a set budget. That budget will be the single biggest determining factor on the kinds of design studios you can hire. A food packaging designer of the highest order will obviously charge massive fees for their services. These are the design companies that work for Fortune 500 companies. They are awesome and they charge accordingly. If you can afford it then of course, hire the best! However, if you aren’t sporting corporate pockets and budget is a concern then you will naturally want to get the most mileage for your money. This means actively short listing whatever package design companies you feel have competitive pricing. With today’s international economy, you can connect with many discount design studios that do amazing work. Just make sure that along with price, you seriously consider…

Consideration 2: Quality of Design Work

If the price is right, the next step is to gauge what’s their portfolio like. Because nothing, absolutely nothing (really, seriously) will be as indicative of what you can expect of your packaging designer than their portfolio of work. By reviewing past work you have the best indication of their design style and whether those strengths and weaknesses play well into your food product. If you like what you see it gives you the confidence to commence your project with a solid assumption of what your design company is capable of. If you don’t like what you see then move on! Don’t expect a company with a weak folio to create punch above their weight class. Beyond their work, do they have any mechanisms in place to protect you…

Consideration 3: Packaging Design Concepts & Revisions

Professional food packaging studios will have clear terms about what is and isn’t included in their design services. Traditionally, design studios limit the number of revisions they perform so they can finish your project and take on another. While we can’ speak for others in this regard, we can confidently say we’re quite different in this one critical respect. Our primary goal is always (and I mean always) client satisfaction. This means we’ve crafted unparalleled revision terms no client can resist. What are these terms? We provide what we like to call “Unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions!” Yes, with an exclamation mark because it is a pretty darn special thing to offer. Our studio prides itself on happily making whatever changes are necessary in order to put a smile on your face. No cutting corners, no rushing a job out the door. Just good old fashioned service which results in awesome modern packaging design.

Consideration 4: Money Back Guarantees

Our competitors won’t even go near this one. And it speaks for itself so we’ll keep it short (no need to boast right?) We protect all of our clients with an industry leading money back guarantee. That’s right. If you aren’t satisfied then you simply request a refund. No weird fine print, no complex mumbo jumbo, just a plain English promise that you can check out on the money back guarantee page on our website.

Choosing Your Food Packaging Designer Confidently

If there was any doubt about hiring a designer for your food packaging design it should well and truly be dismissed. If it isn’t then let us know how we can help you or how we can improve this article. Get in touch any time!

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