Modern Trends in Food Packaging

With today’s modern technology, almost anything can be made from scratch. On the news the other day, a Chinese man was able to make an exact replica of the iPad, how’s that for modern? And in today’s time, nothing is left behind. Not even packaging for food.
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If yesterdays food packaging looked sad and depressing – kind of like the picture above, don’t fret, those days are long gone. One of the things that people can look forward to when it comes to buying food is the level of originality and freshness that food packaging comes in.
Although it’s not all about the packaging, it’s what’s inside that counts, there’s a reason behind all the crazy ideas in packaging for food. For one, there are too many rival companies that offer the same thing. Companies need to up their game if they want to get ahead. This article will take you on the journey to some of these great marketing food strategies.

• The Minimalist – organic food packaging has been all the rage, why not try something we haven’t tried before? The minimalist, also known as a plain white box, can certainly catch people’s attention. It’s clean, fresh looking, and something about a plain white box really appeals to some people. Sometimes food packaging doesn’t have to say a lot for you to know how good the content is. Its list of ingredients is probably written on the bottom of the box or in a stylish piece of paper inside.

• Crazy Fun Packaging – also known as barely-readable-packages. Some, although not all, try to make their food packaging look so modern that they sometimes forget that they’re packaging for food. This can be a really bad thing or a really good thing. It’s your choice. Some people like the crazy colors and fun prints. Sometimes a cute box is preferred over a plain colored box. Enough said.

• Expensive Looking Packaging – people love the feeling of getting more than what they paid for. With this type of food packaging, you really are. Packaging for food has never been this beautiful. Creatively speaking, an elegantly detailed box that stores chocolate can be re-used for a number of things. They can hold old pictures and wonderful childhood memories. An artistic bottle of wine can be made into a flower vase. There’s no limit to the things you can recycle if you put your mind to it.

• Comparable Packages – you put two products side by side and see that offer the exact same thing. This leaves you with two great choices and not a lot of time to stand there and decide. What would you pick? The easiest route to take is to trust your instincts. Look at both labels, what attracted you to which? If you’ve already tried package A and liked it, then maybe it’s the right choice. But given that you haven’t tried package B and maybe there’s something better out there, then give it a shot! The choice is really up to you.

• Organic Everything Package – it’s organic inside and out. It helps save the environment and provides you with a healthy diet. This option can be somewhat costly, but I guess it pays more to be responsible. If you think about it, it’s not as expensive when you know that you’re saving the world by choosing to go green.

With all the modern changes in food packaging today, you never have to miss out on the finer things in life. When it comes to packaging for food, the trend is constantly changing. But one thing is definitely certain, that it’s only going to get even better.

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