The New Designers


Food packaging design like many creative fields has seen a shift in recent years. It seems as though the so called “middle ground” is disappearing and in it’s place a widening gap between the discount packaging designers and the rock stars of the game.

High end studios will always reign supreme when it comes to top design. That’s their schtick. They fight tooth and nail for lucrative contracts to design food packaging for the Fortune 500s of the world. These studios hire the very best talent for top dollar and it’s within their walls that the industry inches forward with innovation. But not all food packaging containers require that level of artistry, nor can it be afforded a lot of the time. For smaller players, the elite studios simply aren’t an even option. That’s where the New Designers come in.

Competition in the industry benefits the buyers

This new breed of food packaging designer works hard to create designs which are rarely innovative but definitely hold their own. They work significantly cheaper yet the food packaging they design can compete with the best on any supermarket shelf. This favors the buyer who is no longer beholden to hiring expensive studios any longer.

That’s right.

Instead, the buyer can award their project to discount food packaging designers, who for a fraction of a typical project fee, will get to work creating all manner of designs. A typical buyer saves thousand to tens of thousands of dollars when a discount company like ours steps up to the plate and knocks a design out the park. New Designers are process and satisfaction driven. They design “with you” not “at you” and so they are a great fit for buyers who have a sense of who they are and what they need to put into the marketplace. How does a buyer save so much money?

Getting right to work on the right design

The New Designers focus less on the process of schmoozing you and more on getting right to work. Once a creative brief is received they start designing right away with one goal in mind; making you happy with modern, relevant packaging design. Their skill is substantial and their intent on making you smile is unstoppable. You only need look at their portfolio to appreciate the level of craftsmanship that goes into their work.

Like any professional, the quality of their work will speak for itself and the buyer will know intuitively whether their looking at an organization capable of delivering what they need.

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